We have a relaxed dress code and are ever conscious of the developing fashions for golf.

However, we do ask every member and visitor to respect the dress code and dress accordingly on and off the course. 

On the Course
Please wear golf shoes, golf trousers/shorts/skirts and a golf shirt/top/jumper/jacket.

Shirts to be tucked in to trousers/shorts. Ladies' golf shirts may be worn as designed.

Not permitted on the course:
- Jeans/denim attire
- Football shirts
- Football, beach, cargo, shorts
- Cargo or tracksuit trousers

Each player must have their own golf bag (no bag sharing permitted).

Off the Course
If on the driving range, short game practice area, in the clubhouse or on the patio, please adhere to a smart casual dress code. 

If any member of staff asks about your dress, please show them respect and adhere to any advise they give you.

Should you have any queries regarding your dress, please ask a member of staff in the clubhouse.

Club rules and general etiquette:

  • Adhere to the dress code 
  • Be punctual for your tee time 
  • White tees are for competition play only 
  • Be mindful of where you stand in relation to your playing partners when they are taking their shots 
  • Keep quiet and still when others are taking their shot 
  • Badger sets are no play zones 
  • Remember golf is all about honesty and honour 
  • Respect your fellow golfers 
  • Control any temper, for your enjoyment and that of others 
  • Enjoy your game 

Looking after the course

  • No trolleys or buggies on tees or greens (stand bags are ok on tees) 
  • Repair pitch marks correctly – please click here for a video demonstration 
  • Replace all divots
  • Rake bunkers – after use, rakes should be left FULLY in bunkers, no part should be left on grass 
  • Take care when removing flags. Lift straight up so you don’t damage the edge of the hole and lay it down with care, so you don’t damage the green surface 

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